I am in the Athabasca University (AU) Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program. I am researching and training toward a postdoctoral fellowship, then an assistant professor tenure track. My research involves interpersonal interactions about institutional dominant discourses and individual experiential narratives surrounding self-presentation challenges and idealizations, stigmatization, and mental illness in the Canadian accounting profession. My theoretical lens is dialectical critical management studies about the dichotomy of perceptual tensions between economic rationality (rational economic agency) and mental illness irrationality (perceptions of childishness, dangerousness, violence, and other media stereotypes thus learned by key decision makers and the public at large).

My future research goal is to integrate the multitude of treatises from Goffman and Foucault while teaching organizational theory. I want to impart to business students the importance of respecting individuals who have mental illnesses and labour backgrounds given the stigmatization and harassment that I have experienced. The Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace may also be addressed. The focus will be problematics in Accounting and Human Resource Management. I challenge mainstream practices that marginalize individuals often having ethical and legal concerns. Upon graduation, I will seek a post-doctoral fellowship consistent with my knowledge, skills, abilities, education, and experience.

I have lived experience being stigmatized, bullied, and mobbed in the Canadian accounting profession after disclosing in the workplace about mental illness and my DBA pursuit even though the latter is an applied degree to be undertaken while working. My perspective is different and unique since I have autism, schizoaffective disorder, and PTSD. While these conditions may be classified as disabilities, I also believe I have strengths as a result. I am not ashamed of me for having these conditions. I am a Canadian public accounting profession survivor.

I am refreshing my French to be bilingual again. I am also learning Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Romansh, Romanian, and Latin. Along with learning languages, my hobbies include reading about and recreationally tending to mathematics, electronics, biology, and astronomy. I enjoy travelling to and learning about different cultures.

I completed the Chartered Accountant School of Business Modules 1 to 6 (Masters of Accounting Student graduates enter at Module 5 into CASB if seeking the CA designation).  I earned the equivalent of a MAcc degree.

See LinkedIn for my resume: External link opens in new tab or windowDavid Albert Latta Newman | LinkedIn.